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To inspire every customer to live their truth and “happy” by spreading love and locally sourced farm-fresh flowers.


Half & Half Flowers takes its cues from the classic friendly neighborhood milkman. The only difference is we deliver locally sourced seasonal farm-fresh flowers beautifully arranged in custom glass milk bottles instead of milk.


We use a reusable wire crate to deliver our subscription-based arrangements door-to-door in NYC once or twice a month.


Each delivery comes with our signature Milk Life Card, an inspiring reminder to always live your truth and do what makes you happy in life. Hence Half & Half; half flowers, half inspiration delivered on your doorstep by foot with a smile.


H&H is socially conscious every step of the way. We support local farms, and in exchange for our smaller carbon footprint, we get truly fresh, responsibly grown, better smelling flowers. Our farmers only cut what we need. Our delivery crate reduces packaging. And we offer the option to return our milk bottles so we can reuse them.

“Flowers give life to a room, until their beauty fades reminding us not to take anything for granted.”


At the age of 9, I handmade my first bouquet from a raging patch of wild flowers carefully hid on the side of the house in my mother's competition-ready landscaped yard. I cut and arranged the flowers in my grandmother's crystal vase and placed them on the dining table with a sweet note to surprise my mom. Unfortunately, my gesture came with a ton of bugs and sent my mom screaming. I learned from that young age that flowers and a thoughtful note have the ability to transform a space and your mind. Bugs, not so much.

Flowers give life to a room until their beauty fades reminding us not to take anything for granted, flowers also teach us that caring and nurturing makes things last longer; two simple lessons important to remember.

Throughout my life I’ve realized kind thoughtful words and reminders help me have the courage to live my truth. And by following my heart and challenging myself Half & Half Flowers was born to be a beautiful reminder to all of us to live life as true to ourselves as we possibly can.

Actions are even more important than words, which is why we source all H&H flowers from responsible local farmers and use minimal packaging. And you’ll feel the love we pour in with each and every delivery.

Huge thank you to all the people who have encouraged me to live my life truest to myself. I can only hope to return the favor.

#MilkLife for all it’s worth.

Jennie Wolfe, Founder